• Ridgetop is a leading global primary research firm.
  • Ridgetop provides a custom recruiting platform that clients engage on very specific long and short term research projects.
  • The professionals our analysts engage are recruited for specific projects and remain engaged for as long as a client project lasts.
  • Our recruiting analysts are rigorously trained using our best of breed methodologies for identifying and qualifying the most appropriate industry contacts.
  • Our analysts follow our strict compliance framework when working on all client projects.


Ridgetop provides sampling, data collection and data analytics solutions for survey research via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless, and mixed-access offerings. We understand the issues and have the answers on topics such as questionnaire design, localization, population representations, quota benchmarks, and qualify best practices. Our offering includes:

  • Online survey fieldwork: sample, programming, data delivery.
  • Domestic and global footprint - sample in 78 countries, 26 offices internationally.
  • Telephone survey fieldwork: CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) - 2,000+ stations, sample, programming, data delivery.
  • Methodology and questionnaire consultation.
  • Three unique online panel populations: Consumer, B2B, and Healthcare.